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How can you benefit?

McTimoney chiropractic is suitable for all ages for the management of a number of musculoskeletal conditions. We treat a variety of complaints relating to muscles and joint pain and dysfunction and can help you get back onto your feet with perfectly tailored treatment plans and rehabilitation programmes.


What do we treat?

We treat a diverse range of conditions, including back, neck and shoulder pain, migraine prevention, sports injuries, headaches arising from the neck and arthritic pain. Why not contact us to find out more.

Who are we?

Find out more about Philippa, what got her into chiropractic care, and some of the therapies she uses within her practice.


What to expect

We see a wide range of patients who come for a variety of different reasons. Our first aim will be to discuss your own reasons for visiting us and then carry out a detailed examination before discussing our findings and treatment plan.

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Chiropractors are health care professionals regulated by the General Chiropractic Council. They focus on joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves, especially relating to the spine.

McTimoney chiropractic is gentle and effective way to correct and or manage neuromusculoskeletal (nerves, muscles, and joints) conditions. The aim is to increase mobility and reduce pain or discomfort. The spinal manipulations (adjustments) are safe and low force.

As well as the spine the rest of the joints in the body are assessed for alignment and mobility. Joint manipulation and mobilisations are performed as required to promote optimum movement and reduce pain.

Philippa believes in supporting people to be healthy, happy and well, and utilises other modalities other than manipulating the spine, which include: massage, dry needling and taping. You will also be provided with advice regarding the therapeutic use of ice and heat, posture, stretching and exercise and also general guidance as required regarding diet and lifestyle.

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Dorset Chiropractic
Yemanja Therapy
83 Southbourne Grove

Tel: 01202 246159
Mob: 07762 573445

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